Glossary of Terms, Controlled Vocabularies, etc. regarding virtual worlds and education


AVAs: ancestor veneration avatars Bainbrige 2013

GBL: Game-based learning

LARP: Live-action role play [1]

MMOs: Massively Multiplayer Online games

MPERG: Multiplayer Educational Roleplaying Game

MUD: Multi-User Dungeon, Multi-User Dimension, Multi-User Domain [2]

MUVEs: Multi User Virtual Environments

PAR: player-avatar relationship [3]

VLE: Virtual Learning Environment

Second Life

SL: Second Life users frequently refer to the online virtual world, Second Life, as "SL."

SL time: Second Life time is based on the U.S. Pacific time zone. It is customary to indicate a meeting time, or event in "SL time" so as not to confuse it with any other time zone.

SLurl: Second Life url is the exact location of a place on a Second Life sim. This url will allow a visitor to land at this spot when logged into the Second Life online world. An SLurl looks like this: Genome Island; Use the web site SLurl for location-based linking.

Library of Congress Subject Headings regarding virtual worlds (source: Library of Congress Authorities)

Virtual worlds --> See: Virtual reality

Virtual reality.

Virtual reality--Bibliography.

Virtual reality--Case studies.

Virtual reality--Comic books, strips, etc.

Virtual reality--Computer programs.

Virtual reality--Congresses.

Virtual reality--Databases.

Virtual reality--Dictionaries.

Virtual reality--Economic aspects.

Virtual reality--Encyclopedias.

Virtual reality--Exhibitions.

Virtual reality--Fiction.

Virtual reality--Forecasting.

Virtual reality--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Virtual reality--Health aspects.

Virtual reality in aeronautics.

Virtual reality in archaeology.

Virtual reality in architecture

Virtual reality in architecture--United States.

Virtual reality in art.

Virtual reality in art--Catalogs.

Virtual reality in art--Congresses.

Virtual reality in art--Exhibitions.

Virtual reality in early childhood education.

Virtual reality in education.

Virtual reality in education--Case studies.

Virtual reality in education--Congresses.

Virtual reality in education--Cross-cultural studies.

Virtual reality in education--Research--Congresses.

Virtual reality in education--United States.

Virtual reality in education--United States--Case studies.

Virtual reality in engineering.

Virtual reality in geography.

Virtual reality in higher education.

Virtual reality in higher education--Brazil.

Virtual reality in higher education--Congresses.

Virtual reality in higher education--Cross-cultural studies--Congresses.

Virtual reality in higher education--Peru.

Virtual reality in higher education--Venezuela.

Virtual reality in literature

Virtual reality in management.

Virtual reality in management--Germany.

Virtual reality in management--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Virtual reality in management--Technological innovations.

Virtual reality in mass media.

Virtual reality in medicine.

Virtual reality in medicine--Congresses.

Virtual reality in medicine--Fiction.

Virtual reality in medicine--United States.

Virtual reality in paleontology.

Virtual reality--Industrial applications.

Virtual Reality Laboratories

Virtual reality--Law and legislation.

Virtual reality--Military applications

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (Computer program language)

Virtual reality--Periodicals.

Virtual reality--Philosophy.

Virtual reality--Philosophy--Congresses.

Virtual reality--Poetry.

Virtual reality--Political aspects--United States.

Virtual reality--Popular works.

Virtual reality--Psychological aspects.

Virtual reality--Psychological aspects--Congresses.

Virtual reality--Psychological aspects--Periodicals.

Virtual reality--Religious aspects.

Virtual reality--Research.

Virtual reality--Research--Directories.

Virtual reality--Research--History.

Virtual reality--Social aspects.

Virtual reality--Social aspects--Congresses.

Virtual reality--Social aspects--Periodicals.

Virtual reality--Social aspects--Research--Methodology.

Virtual reality--Social aspects--United States.

Virtual reality--Software.

Virtual reality--Study and teaching--Congresses.

Virtual reality--Technological innovations--Congresses.

Virtual reality--Technological innovations--Forecasting.

Virtual reality--Technological innovations--United States.

Virtual reality technologies for health and clinical applications.

Virtual reality--Terminology.

Virtual reality therapy.

Virtual reality--United States.

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