JOVS 7 n1

Journal of Virtual Studies • Vol 7, No. 1, 2016 • ISSN 2155-0107

Editor’s Edifice

JoVS Editorial Information

JoVS Call for Papers

The Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference

The Thinkerer Award

Peer Reviewed Papers

Convergence of Gamification and Virtual Worlds
An autoethnographic narrative: Teaching visual learning in virtual worlds
Evidence of Pedagogical and Learner Outcome Improvements Through the Use of Augmented Reality
Fish4Knowlege: a Virtual World Exhibition Space for a Large Collaborative Project
Lesson learned from a Grade 7 virtual world science workshop
Future Libraries: Will You Checkout a Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display?
Andragons: The Shape of Learning
A Student Panel on Virtual Worlds and Transactional Distance in Higher Education Online Courses

Quadrivium Papers

Technology on the Horizon
Spectrum of the Self
Motivational Reality of Fun in Games

Special Invited Program

Karl M. Kapp
Stephen Downes
Bronwyn Stuckey
Ebbe Altberg

OpenSimulator Featured Panel

Caledon Oxbridge Featured Panel
Virtual Pioneers Featured Panel
VSTE Featured Panel

General Presentations

A Virtual Course Using Communities to Study Cultural Diversity
Putting the Language back into Language Engagement
Help! I have a (blind/deaf/paralyzed/disabled) student in my SL class next term!
Creating an Award-Winning Educational Machinima
Virtually Changing: Using Virtual Worlds for Positive Behaviour Change
A Quest for Exceptional Immersive Learning Spaces at All Levels
Innovations in Teaching/Learning in Virtual
Nonprofit Commons: Creating Impact Through a Community of Practice
Love the Lag: Exploring the Key Design that Makes Virtual World Theater Come Alive
Virtual World Simulations: Designing Authentic and Effective Learning Experiences
Symbolic Modeling and Gestalt Applications for Education and Coaching in Second Life
Rockcliffe 2.0
Rockcliffe Library Network
The practice of the class in the virtual classroom with the HTML texture screen
Edorble: 3D Virtual World for Online Education
Fire on the Horizon, Are You Prepared?
Get Scrooged: a virtual Christmas Carol
Hero Walk
How Big Data, Virtual World Games and the Internet of Things Create Smarter Learning Environments
The Quest
Virtual Epidemiology in OpenSimulator: Walking in the footsteps of John Snow

VWBPE Acknowledgements

Index of Authors and Presenters

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