List IE

ActiveWorlds explore or create virtual worlds

AvaCon create an account and an avatar to visit this private grid for conferences and other educational events

DigiWorldz [1]

EVE Online [2] "a massive multiplayer online roleplaying space game"

Everquest [3]

High Fidelity [4] open source software for shared virtual reality; see Techcruch post Feb. 25, 2015, "High Fidelity Raises $11 M to Build Deployable Virtual Worlds."

Hyperica [5] Directory of hypergrid destinations

Immerse Learning [6] a fee-based software download for a closed environment; launched Feb. 2014

Inworldz [7]; closed as of 2019

Kitely [8] explore virtual worlds or create your own virtual world

Minecraft [9] "a game about breaking and placing blocks"

OpenSim [10] "an open source multi-platform, multi-user 3D application server. It can be used to create a virtual environment (or world)"

Open Wonderland [11] build your own virtual world using an open source java-based toolkit

Second Life [12]; Second Life Wiki

The Sims [13]

Tomodachi Life [14] virtual world via Nintendo device

Unity3d [15]

WeeWorld [16]

  • Selected list of blogs about virtual worlds:

Bryn Oh the blog of a virtual artist


Designing Worlds design and designers in virtual worlds; see the show on Treet TV

Hypergrid Business

jokaydia virtual worlds and games for learning

Linden Endowment for the Arts

Metaverse Journal

My So-called Virtual Life

New World Notes James Wagner Au continues to report from the metaverse

Press Pass Media

Quan's Travelogues

SL Enquirer news source for events happening in Second Life

The University of Western Australia in Second Life

Virtual Outworlding blog written by Selby Evans/Thinkerer Melville covers virtual worlds events, news and other important developments in virtual worlds and the hypergrid

A List of magazines published in virtual worlds or published on the web 

The Best of Second Life

Nuvibez Magazine

Rez Magazine SL arts and life magazine

Roleplay Guide Magazine

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