Open Access

What is open access?

--freely accessible scholarly articles, books, papers, data, or other content; the author agrees to publish their content in this manner--

A proper introduction to the topic of open access by Peter Suber is available at For a more in-depth discussion see his book "Open Access" published by MIT Press (2012) which has been made freely accessible and can be found at For an introduction to open access by a science publisher see Scientific Research Publishing blog post from June 2014.

Librarian, Walt Crawford also provides background reading with his blog posts on "The Open Access Landscape," (2015).

What is the difference between open access resources and open source software? The website defines open source software as: "something that can be modified because its design is publicly accessible." For more see: What is open source software?

For a glossary of open access terms see this collection gathered in Cultural Anthropology Issue 29.2 (May 2014).

Bibliography of works on Open Access

Suber. Peter. Knowledge Unbound: Selected Writings on Open Access 2002-2011 (2016). MIT Press.  Available as an open access book from MIT Press.
Suber, Peter. Open Access (2012). MIT Press; open access copy available from MIT Press
Suber. Peter. Qu’est-ce que l’accès ouvert? (2016) OpenEdition Press. French edition of Open Access available at no cost from OpenEdition Press.
Willinsky, John.  The Open Access Principle: the case for open access to research and scholarship (2005).  MIT Press. View sample chapters and
contents at MIT Press.

Open Access - background sources

Controlled Vocabularies

Critique and discussion of List of Journals and List of Publishers, referenced below.

Digital Scholarship the sitemap to all of Charles Bailey's bibliographies

DOAJ News Service news, updates, and developments from the people who run the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Frontiers Blog news from the open access science publisher Frontiers located in Switzerland

How Open Is It a guide to open access terminology

Your Guide to Possibly/Probably Predatory Online Open Access Journals

List of Journals a list of questionable, scholarly open-access journals

also known as Beall's List
see additional analysis from ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries in article "Beyond Beall's List" (2015).

List of Publishers potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers

also known as Beall's List
MDPI added to list of predatory publishers; see commentary at
Note that Beall's List is sometimes controversial
Beall's List is shut down as of Jan. 2017; critical analysis of this situation

Open Access Bibliography published by Charles Bailey on his site Digital Scholarship.

Open Access Good Practice a guide to OA good practice pathfinder projects

OASIS Open Access Scholarly Information Sourcebook

Open Access - Background and Benefits a one-hour course module from publishers Springer and Edanz geared toward authors who might want to publish their research as an open access publication

Open Access Directory (OAD) "a compendium of simple factual lists about open access (OA) to science and scholarship, maintained by the OA community at large."

OpenGLAM an initiative that "promotes free and open access to digital cultural heritage"

Open Access Landscape by Walt Crawford. Blog posts that provide an overview of open access journals for specific subjects.

Repository Maps worldwide view of scholarly publication respositories

Societies and Open Access Research scholarly societies and their open access publications

Search databases

Databib a searchable collection of research data repositories

OpenDOAR Directory of Open Access Repositories; "an authoritative directory of academic open access repositories"

Ranking Web of Repositories a world-wide collection of repositories with peer-reviewed literature

ROAD directory of open access scholarly resources; track open access journals by ISSN; see review article of ROAD in "New resource aims to provide quality insight into OA resources," (2014).

SHERPA Search Search all UK Repositories


Digital Koans blog by Charles Bailey; the blog "provides news and commentary on digital copyright, digital curation, digital repositories, open access, scholarly communication, and other digital information issues."

Europe PubMed Central blog good coverage of open access issues

Hybrid Publishing Lab "Researching new forms of scholarly communication in the digital age"

Open Access Blog published by the Imperial College London

The Open Journal discusses peer review and other open publishing topics

Open Repository blog

Support for Open Access Publishing

Organizations, Projects, Etc.

Compact for Open Access Publishing Equity

Confederation of Open Access Repositories

Harvard Open Access Project

Library Publishing Coalition authors of the Library Publishing Directory "which provides a snapshot of the publishing activities of 115 academic and research libraries"

Publishing Research Consortium focuses on scholarly publishing; see guides on peer review and open access licensing


Bibliography of Open Access is based on the original work of Charles Bailey listed below. This is a wiki version which is continually updated by contributors to theOpen Access Directory.

The Library and the Web: Graduate Students’ Selection of Open Access Journals for Empirical Literature Searches by Ethan J. Allena amd Roberta K. Weberb. Vol. 8 Issue 3 The Journal of Web Librarianship, 2014.

Mapping Open Access Societal Impact by ElHassan ElSabry. 3 Research Ideas and Outcomes, 2017.

Open Access Bibliography: Liberating Scholarly Literature with E-Prints and Open Access Journals by Charles Bailey. An online version of his 2005 book.


The Battle for Open by Martin Weller. London: Ubiquity Press, 2014. Open access book available for download.

Beyond the Flow by Niels-Oliver Walkowski. Meson Press, 2019. This book can be read for free at the Meson Press web site as a .pdf document.

Open Access by Peter Suber. MIT Press, 2012. Now available in open access format.

Open Access and the Humanities: contexts, controversies and the future by Martin Paul Eve. Cambridge University Press, 2014. This book is available as an open access book from the Cambridge University Press.

Open Access Journal Starter Kit. Scholastica, 2014. Available as a free e-book.

Open Content: a Practical Guide to Using Creative Commons Licenses published by Wikimedia Deutschland, the German Commission for UNESCO and the North Rhine-Westphalian Library Service Centre (hbz), 2014.

SciELO - 15 Years of Open Access: an analytic study of Open Access and scholarly communication edited by Abel L. Packer et al. UNESCO, 2014. Download free e-book.

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