Submission Requirements1

Submission Requirements for the Journal of Virtual Studies v. 1 (2010)

Papers and final summaries should be submitted to the Journal of Virtual Studies as a as either a MS Word (*.doc) or Rich-Text Format (*.rtf) document. Papers may be reformatted for publications as needed after submission or if they do not conform to the requirements below.

Page Set-up

  • Portrait Orientation
  • 1′′ margins (top, bottom, left, and right)
  • Tracking off (all revisions accepted)


  • Restrict style usage to
  • Heading levels 1, 2, and 3
  • Normal (Arial 10 pt font)
  • Caption (Centered, Label below)

Paper Sections

  • Paper Title
  • Submitter‘s actual credentials and affiliation (Name, SL Avatar Name, Title, Institution, other contact detail as you want it published)
  • Abstract or synopsis (must be clearly marked)
  • Main paper body
  • Other tables and supporting appendixes as needed
  • References (APA format is preferred but not required)

Tables, diagrams, and images

  • All tables, diagrams, and images must be cited if they are not original work
  • All tables, diagrams, and images must be in-line
  • Colour diagrams and images are permitted (does not need to be B&W)


  • Attest that the submission is original work
  • Attest that the submission has not been published previously
  • Agree that the submission is not under review for publication elsewhere
  • Agree that the submission is not being submitted to multiple journals for consideration
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