A competency oriented framework for AI education in virtual worlds

VWBPE 2021 Presentation
Presented: March 19, 2021
Speakers: Andrew Stricker (RL) Spinoza Quinnell (SL), Air University; Cynthia Calongne (RL) Lyr Lobo (SL)

A competency oriented framework for AI education, newly offered (Dec 2020) by the U.S. DoD, is highlighted for addressing learning needs among categories of roles for usage in virtual worlds. Roles include: lead, drive, create, embed, facilitate, and employ. The framework outlines curriculum building blocks (e.g., foundational concepts, applications, data management and visualizations, responsible AI, infrastructure and coding, data sciences) for addressing competencies by role and skill levels.

  • Recognize potential applications of a newly offered AI education framework.
  • Value competencies offered by the framework for helping to develop learning outcomes.
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