Reconnaissance in Times of Darkness

VWBPE 2021 Immersive Experience
Presented: March 21, 2021
Host: Asmita Duranjaya (SL)

We are a group of 10 artists and each of us has developed an individual artistic idea to deal with the main topic. The educational result is an interactive immersive tour to all the art-installations and to explore different artistic strategies and concepts related to the perception of darkness and how to overcome and handle it. This collaborative exhibition will take place in OSGrid -- a kind of pioneer reconnaissance -- with certain risks due to the sometimes instable environment. The exhibit will be available after the presentation.

Accessibility: Written script will be provided during the presentation.

Directions: OS Grid

1. Create a new OS Grid account at
To enter OSGrid use a 3rd-party-viewer (Firestorm or Singularity).
Both offer automatic access to OSGrid. 
After entering OSGrid search for the sim called interstellART_exhibitions or go here:
Land at the central spot.

2. Existing Open Simulator account. Hypergrid to

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