Transmedia Storytelling for English Language Teaching in virtual worlds: Mission Accomplished

VWBPE 2021 Presentation
Presented: March 19, 2021
Speaker: ErlinaAzure (SL) Helena Galani (RL)

As learning environments are being redefined in order to meet learner needs, the Principles of Transmedia storytelling make an impact on the classroom setting because of how technologically advanced learners are today. Virtual World affordances, Mobile devices, Social Media platforms, Digital Media, Augmented Reality and learning management systems (LMS) are the new equipment of an educator. Join this presentation to find out how Mythos, Topos and Ethos are best implemented in a Virtual World to enhance the language teaching process.

  • Raising awareness of the usefulness of Transmedia in the contemporary ELT class in multi-user VWs

Youtube (unedited version):

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