The Quest for the Galaxy Language

VWBPE 2021 Immersive Experience
Presented: March 13, 2021
Hosts: Dancers Yao (SL) Kara Bennet (RL), Elder Voices, Lissena (SL) Lynne Berrett (RL), Ageless Mind Project, Inc

In this adventure people will discover universal problem-solving abilities to confront life threatening challenges. It is presented as a science fiction story that began with a visit from Extraterrestrials who appeared as Avatars on Inspiration Island and encouraged people to learn the Galaxy Language. The ETs left guidelines for creating a visual and musical language to help hold onto the value of life even in the worst of times. Join our quest and share ideas for the virtual and real world.

  • Participants will be able to learn problem-solving abilities for life threatening challenges

Accessibility: Provide a written script during the presentation

Directions: You will need a Second Life account to participate

Location - Second Life:

Open for self-directed exploration after the event"

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