VWER debate: Engaging with others

VWBPE 2021 Presentation
Presented: March 18, 2021
Speakers: Sheila Webber / Sheila Yoshikawa (SL); Shailey Minocha / Shailey Garfield (SL); Beth O'Connell / Beth Ghostraven (SL)

Educators who enjoy virtual worlds (VWs) often lament that more educators aren't here. The pandemic has forced more educators online, and given opportunities for encouraging colleagues to try VWs. Not all will share our feelings about VWs or have the same values/goals: they may be ""opposed to our current outlook or world view"" (VWBPE website). Organised by the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable (VWER), this session will explore the joys and tensions of engaging with new, different educators in VWs.

  • Participants will reflect on their own attitudes & gained insights about how to make new connections
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