Are we simple yet? An evaluation tour of Virbela, a 3D environment

VWBPE 2021 Immersive Experience
Presented: March 3, 2021
Host: William Krebs (RL) AgileBill Firehawk (SL)

As more and more tools become available, we face greater challenges in evaluating them. How can we tell which are right for us? In this hands on tour, we visit one such world - Virbela, and consider if it has a sound balance of features for business like needs. That exercise may tell us more about our checklist that can aid future evaluations in many platforms.

  • Evaluate a new virtual platform (Virbela)
  • Reflect in our checklist how we might use for future evaluations of new virtual platforms.

What we are going to do:

  1. Meet at the Starting Point in Second Life:
  2. Set up a voice / text backchannel for the tour - we will keep Second Life open during the tour
  3. Receive a notecard with directions to set up Virbela, links to videos, synopsis notes for review, and evaluation checklist

Options: There are several options for participation in this evaluation of Virbela:

  1. To set up a Virbela account and avatar: Go to this Virbela link and click 'Get Started' to download the client and setup your account and avatar.
  2. Remain in Second Life and watch the evaluation tour via Twitch: while participating in the back channel
  3. Remain in Second Life and participate in the back channel only

Feel free to message AgileBill Firehawk in Second Life for setup help or questions.

Open for self-directed exploration after the event: Yes. Feel free to continue to explore Virbela

Accessibility: Written script during the presentation, text chat

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