Second Life Usability Focus Group

VWBPE 2022 Immersive Experience
Presented: March 24, 2022
Hosts: Kevin Feenan / Phelan Corrimal, Rockcliffe University Consortium

In July 2021, Rockcliffe created a SL Usability Study to determine what educators needed in the platform to be effective. From the survey there were 31 recommendations for improvements to the SL Platform, several of which have been submitted and accepted by Linden Lab. This 2 hour focus group will help to develop the educational use cases justifying these new features and help prioritize high value features for submission to Linden Lab.

  • Review and expand on the education use cases for each new feature to be developed.
  • Develop the requirements and prioritization for each new feature to be developed.

Accessibility: Transcriptionist

Location: Second Life: Rockcliffe’s Main Rotunda

Discord may also be available for those that require it

Directions: To create a Second Life account using the Rockcliffe Gateway, go to

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