15th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education: Phoenix Rising

March 30-April 1, 2022


Oksana Levytska

Dr. Randall Sadler

Immersive Experiences

The Uplift: Immersive Theatre

EngageXR for Teaching a Language

Second Life Usability Focus Group

Kitely Educational Showcase: Ready to Branch Out?

Building in FrameVR: Creating Browser-Based Immersive Learning Experiences

Joint International Higher Education Project

Forever Tourist: Gamifying Exploration in Second Life

Second Life Usability Survey

Social Determinants for Access to Information: Virtual World Library Exhibition

Oh, The Things You Can Build!!!

The Butterfly Eyeffect and Nature’s Empire

ENCORE - The Uplift: Immersive Theatre


The beauty of STEAM education in virtual worlds

Three Continents Meet: Metaverse for Higher Ed

Above the Book :: What’s Up at the Lab?

Hybrid Environments, Design Futures, and Immersive Collaboration: A Strategic Alignment

Unexpected Connections

Educators’ experiences integrating Second Life into higher education: A case study

Astronauts of the Earth- Rise of Space Librarian

Message in a Bottle – Play, Stories, and Iteration

How To BEST Transform In-Person To Virtual Programs

Quadrivium 1 :: What is ‘Immersive’?

International Student Project: Higher Ed Metaverse

The development of good character through presence at 3D virtual reality school Suluh Bangsa Mulia

Immersive methodologies for school and museum tours

Supporting Social Good and Educational Communities

Arts, Education and Psychology: Creative approaches to utilizing Second Life technology

Education in the Metaverse: Reflections on the Art of the Possible

The Assassination of Sir William Johnson and the Dirty Cowards that did it

Quadrivium 2 :: What Do You Really NEED (as Educators)?

The Great Push: Learning and rapid strategy adoption

Above the Book :: Interview with Maria Korolov

Forever Tourist: Gamifying Exploration in Second Life

Neoliberal Ethics and Capitalism in the Metaverse

Educational DnD for STEM & Beyond

Virtual Reality and its use in education

Virtual Cultures in Pandemic Times - A VWBPE Discussion

Music, Art, and Culture education (MAC) in virtual worlds

VR Walden pathways through the Metaverse: Inspiring transcendental insights and creativity

CommonGround – Event Based Education and Inclusion

Virtual teaching tactics to help a divided world

Quadrivium 3 :: Surviving the Assessment Jungle: Meaningful Assessment in Virtual Environments

Metaverse Collaboration with VWEC (Virtual Worlds Education Consortium)

Proposed Cybersecurity Curriculum from K-12 to 4 year degrees

Above the Book :: Catching Up with the Thinkerers

Composing for the New Era – The Social Brain and Small-World Networks in the Metaverse

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