ENCORE - THE UPLIFT: Immersive Theatre

VWBPE 2022 Immersive Experience
Presented: April 12, 2022
Hosts: Reiner Schneeberger (SL/OS: Art Blue), ATIS.EDU / VISIT e.V.; Kisma Reidling (OS: JulietteSurrealDreaming), Surreal Art Gallery

Imagine you are in a theatre and the stage changes not just once or twice or after a break, no the change is the format. That sounds not difficult in the Meta, but there are mighty monsters you have to fight. You reduce the number of spectators, you say: “Don’t wear attachments, no scripts, reduce render depth.” You restart the sim, you pre-rez textures, but at the performance nothing is working well. Take THE UPLIFT and see how it can work well as Art Blue is changing the ways upside down. Participants will experience an UPLIFT theatre performance – We are Going to Lviv – from ground–level up to 4,000 meter height, passing through 20 stages. Here is an overview of the play: https://relayfor-ukraine.com/meeting-the-president/

  • Participants will sit on chairs and move smoothly along the changing scenery. There will be no lag.
  • Participants will be focused on the points of interest the author of the play has pre-defined.

Accessibility: SpeakEasy HUD Tool

Location: OSCC Grid: Meta http://cc.opensimulator.org:8002/

Directions: We will meet at the OSCC Grid. You will need to hyperjump from a hypergid enabled grid / world, such as Kitely, or OS grid to http://cc.opensimulator.org:8002/. Our host (Art Blue) will meet participants there with further directions to META and an overview of THE UPLIFT experience.

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