Educational DnD for STEM & Beyond

VWBPE 2022 Presentation
Presented: April 2, 2022
Speaker: Vasili Giannoutsos / Bluebarker Lowtide, VBCPS/VSTE

Hitting the Target with Gamified Learning is all well and good, but imagine if we can think and move beyond that to an all-encompassing Teaching Practice branching your Curriculum, Classroom Management, Behavior, Accountability and SEL. Sounds impossible? But we think about more than 5 impossible things every day. This method of Advanced Gamified Learning incorporates the popular DnD-style game with hands-on activities, Quests, and Projects. Come on and Quest with us.

  • Learn about Advanced Gamified Learning Methods
  • Key Elements to Setting Up Educational DnD in the classroom
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