Spotlight : Who Else Wants to Improve Teaching in Virtual Worlds?

VWBPE 2023 Spotlight
Presented On: March 23, 2023
Speakers: Becky Adams / Elli Pinion and Valerie Hill / Valibrarian Gregg
Categories: Collaboration & Distance Connections

The Virtual Worlds Education Consortium celebrates a second year of incredible growth and progress. Our Uncommon Realities have been exciting, even unexpected and support the saying, Together We Are Better. We will share initiatives that support education and training in Virtual Worlds and share how easy it is to get involved without overwhelming your busy life.

 * Participants will connect to the work of the VWEC and find areas that will help their teaching.

Accessibility: SpeakEasy HUD Tool

Presentation on YouTube

Tags: 'edtech, collaboration'

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