16th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education: Uncommon Realities

March 23-25, 2023


Keynote: Tom Boellstorff

Keynote: Stylianos Mystakidis

Keynote: Alexandra Humphreys

Immersive Experiences

IE: The Pilgrimage-A tribute to Paulo Coelho

IE: Edutopia 1 Car Rally @ Kitely - Edutopia

IE: Backstage with the Spirit Light Dance Company

IE: Too Hot! Too Dry! Too Wet!

IE: The Magical Forest - A cautionary tale

IE: Let’s experience Mozilla Hubs

IE: Discover your Strengths


IE: VRChat - Immersive VR

IE: CVL Music Library presents Musician of the Month Concert


Above the Book

Above The Book: What's Up at the Lab?

Above The Book: Catching up with the Thinkerers

Above the Book: Books & Biomes


Reconnaissance: Relationship Between Social Presence and Knowledge Construction in Second Life

Quality Assurance in Virtual Experiences: Putting Prototyping to the Test

Return to Second Life: Staying after class

Using the Metaverse in Designing Future Education


Quadrivium: Meaningful Learning Experiences

Quadrivium: Pandemic Education Practices

Quadrivium: Implications Of Artificial Intelligence Applications For Educators


Roundtable: Supporting Common Good Within Diverse Communities

Roundtable: Everything, Everywhere Imaginaries for Learning


Cluster: International Student Project in the Metaverse: Student Perspectives

Cluster: Unboxing the Metaverse in Education

Redux: Liberate Agency Amplification Via Avatar Identity

Tool Talk: Symbolic Modeling (SymMod) Tools


Spotlight: A proposal for a design of a didactic model based on the metaverse from an inclusive teaching perspective

Spotlight: Uncommon History - The Virtual Pioneers

Spotlight: Uncommon Insightful Thinking from Immersive Gaming

Spotlight: What’s So Fascinating about Chinese Art in the Virtual World Second Life?

Spotlight: Who Else Wants to Improve Teaching in Virtual Worlds?

Spotlight: The metaverse is where you are: Exercises for reaching the misinformed

Spotlight: Metaverse Cybergogy: Making Virtual School Work for Indonesia

Spotlight: AI-Generated Art for Language Learning

Spotlight: Futures of higher education in the climate crisis

Spotlight: The Butterfly Eyeffect & Trainsformative Realities

Spotlight: A Decade of Gamified Learning

Spotlight: Grammar Cops Explore Metaverse Libraries

Spotlight: Metaverse Libraries: A Real Music Library for Avatars

Spotlight: Define Your Difference with Your Lodestar Compass

Spotlight: I'm not Playing with You: Real Bodies in Virtual Worlds

Spotlight: Virtual Worlds As A Tool For Overcoming Perfectionism

Spotlight: Composing in the Hybrid Metaverse

Spotlight: Perspective and Place in Virtual Spaces


Workshop: Four Psychological Models and Their Applications

Workshop: Virtual Builders Unite. Crafting Learning Worlds Together

Workshop: AI Workflows: Art and Writing

Workshop: Designing Future Education Within the Metaverse

Workshop: Let's Do... Gamified Learning

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