Spotlight : Futures of higher education in the climate crisis

VWBPE 2023 Spotlight
Presented On: March 24, 2023
Speaker(s): Bryan Alexander / Bryan Zelmanov, Georgetown University
Categories: Analytic Thinking

This presentation explores the many ways climate change can impact higher education, and how institutions might respond. We discuss physical campus transformation, research, teaching (curriculum and pedagogy), community relations, and higher ed's role in the world crisis. We consider institutional strategies, based on examples drawn from around the world. We focus on how digital technology, including virtual worlds, might change in terms of green computing or increased online education.

 * To show how academia's engagement with the climate crisis is multi-leveled, challenging, and vital.
 * To spur thinking about virtual worlds and ed tech more broadly in the age of climate crisis.

Acccessibility: Provide a written script during the presentation

Presentation on YouTube

Tags: 'climate, green computing, sustainability'

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