Roundtable : Supporting Common Good Within Diverse Communities

VWBPE 2023 Quadrivium 1
Presented: March 24, 2023

 Joyce Bettencourt / Rhiannon Chatnoir; 
 Lyr Lobo; 
 Zinnia Zauber; 
 Buffy Bye; 
 Ava Dougall

Categories: Essential Accessibility

Social good and peer learning are at the core of the Nonprofit Commons (NPC) in Second Life community of practice. Join us as our community leaders lead the discussion about the success stories, mentoring, and best practices for collaborating and learning within a diverse community. Come and share how virtual worlds innovated and transformed your community, peer learning, and educational activities during these challenging times.

 * Identify how social good in virtual worlds helps strengthen community and encourage peer learning.

Accessibility: Transcription
Location: Quadrivium

Tags: 'community, mentors, workshops, peer learning'

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