Cluster: International Student Project in the Metaverse: Student Perspectives

VWBPE 2023 Cluster
Presented On: March 25, 2023
Presenters: Çağla SOLAK, Çağ University and dogukansalatan
Categories: Collaboration & Distance Connections

Thanks to the Virtual Worlds course, students at Çağ University (Turkey) had the opportunity to get to know Metaverse technology and develop our skills. We had the chance to practice English while communicating with our Irish teammates from TUD. In addition, it helped us learn to overcome problems. This was different experience for teamwork. In short, this course increased our social skills and developed our vision.

 * Participants will be able to learn how the education delivered in the metaverse looks from the student's perspective.

Accessibility: SpeakEasy HUD tool

Presentation on YouTube

Tags: 'collaboration, student perspectives'

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