IE : Too Hot! Too Dry! Too Wet!

VWBPE 2023 Immersive Experience
Presented: March 17, 2023
Host: Linda Morris Kelley / Delia Lake

Too Hot Too Dry Too Wet

Too hot! Too dry! Too wet! A natural cycle of cleansing and renewal turned extreme: excruciating drought, fire maelstrom, mega-flood. Thousand-year events happen year upon year, global disasters with heartbreaking consequences. If old normal is gone, what can we expect? What can we do? Imagine you volunteered to return from the future, your children’s future. Or your own old age. A Second Life teleporter whisks you back to a parched farmland turned to waste. It’s March 2023 again. Can you help?

Location: Second Life: Too hot! Too dry! Too Wet! Science Circle Platform.

Tags: analytic thinking; climate

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