IE: Let’s experience Mozilla Hubs: Designing for Language Learning in the Hub

VWBPE 2023 Immersive Experience
Presented: March 27, 2023
Hosts: Susanna Nocchi / Su Nacht, Technical University Dublin (TUD) and Odette Gabaudan

Experience Mozilla Hubs

The #LanguagesPathways Mozilla Hub was developed at TU Dublin with funding from the Irish Department of Education. With 4 separate areas dedicated to 4 languages and cultures (French, German, Italian, Spanish), it is a multilingual resource that offers teachers an alternative and immersive language. Structure of visit: -Getting acquainted with Mozilla Hubs (MH) -The #LanguagesPathways project -Visit to the 4 areas, interaction with the objects in the space - Group discussion, Q&A

In advance of the visit, you might want to try out Mozilla Hubs by visiting this room:

Note: The session location will be open for self-directed exploration post session until 07 April 2023

Tags: language learning; mozilla hubs; creativity & innovation;

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