Roundtable : Everything, Everywhere Imaginaries for Learning

VWBPE 2023 Roundtable
Presented On: March 25, 2023

 Kae Novak / Kavon Zenovka, University of Colorado-Denver; 
 Abacus Capalini; 
 LeeDale Shepherd

Categories: Creativity & Innovation

This 4 compass points roundtable will guide participants through a discussion of emerging topics on possibilities and advancements in VR, AR, artificial intelligence (AI), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)s and how we want to use these tools, the concept of imaginaries and divergent thinking to shape the Metaverse of our future.

 * Discuss VR, AR, AI, DAOs and other emerging technologies and how they will shape the future.
 * Identify next steps participants can take to start to integrate these technologies

Accessibility: Provide a written script of the presentation

Tags: 'AI, DAO, AR/VR'

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