IE : Edutopia 1 Car Rally

VWBPE 2023 Immersive Experience
Presented: March 11, 2023
Hosts: Barbara McQueen / Barbara Novelli

Edutopia 1 Car Rally

Start your engines! Form a partnership or small team with other participants, choose your vehicles, and race against the clock on the roads around the sim to reach various sites and perform tasks at them just like you would in a real life car rally. Participants will have to rotate the responsibilities and return to the rally starting point with proof of their adventures and misadventures, including any car crashes! Be prepared for fun and laughter while improving your English and your basic virtual world skills.

Location: Kitely - Edutopia 1. Follow the asphalt road to the car rally starting point just outside the second learning temple (the Idioms temple.) See ACCESS DIRECTIONS below.

Open for self-exploration: Yes

ACCESS DIRECTIONS: You have TWO options to visit Kitely (an OpenSim world).

  1. Create a new free account on the Kitely grid OR
  2. Use an existing OpenSim Avatar/Account to hypergrid to Kitely


  • Create a free account at
  • Download and install an OpenSim-enabled version of the Firestorm viewer - directions are on the page
  • Login to Kitely and use the world map to search for and teleport to Edutopia 1


Use an existing OpenSim account to search for and hypergrid to Kitely using the URL Then search and teleport to Edutopia 1.

NOTE: If you have any difficulties, please check out the Kitely article: How to enter Kitely Virtual Worlds

Tags: language learning; Kitely; Edutopia

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