ATB : Catching up with the Thinkerers

VWBPE 2023 Above the Book
Presented: March 25, 2023
Hosts: Andrew Wheelock and Valerie Hill

We continue to catch up with previous Thinkerer Award recipients at the Above the Book session as Valerie Hill / Valibrarian Gregg (2018) speaks with Andrew Wheelock / Spiff Whitfield (2016).

Valerie Hill, 2018 Thinkerer

Valerie Hill / SL: Valibrarian

Valerie Hill (Valibrarian in the metaverse) has a background in teaching for 35 years at all age levels from kindergarten through college. She earned a PhD in Library and Information Science in 2012 at Texas Woman’s University with a research focus on virtual environments and she is passionate about changing literacy in digital culture. For the past 15 years, Valibrarian has worked on embedding information literacy (particularly digital citizenship and metaliteracy) in curriculum, online learning platforms, and virtual worlds. Her 5th Grade Technology Club designed and built a digital citizenship game in Minecraft. Valerie has presented at conferences both physically and virtually, written numerous academic publications, and currently serves as the Director of the Community Virtual Library which supports the Virtual Worlds Education Consortium. Currently, Dr. Hill lives with her husband in Seattle, Washington continuing her research on the evolving metaverse.

Presentation on YouTube

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